KEYNET Frame Relay


KEYNET Frame Relay - Automated, Centralized Key and Device Management

Product Features

  • Drag and drop user interface simplifies adding and deleting units and forming key groups
  • Encrypted SNMP sets prevent spoofing attacks by hackers
  • Status at a glance is displayed via color-coded icons on the key management map
  • Low cost platform based on Windows application server
  • Anti-tamper, hardware-based Security Vault protects keys from physical compromise
  • Hot-standby mode provides restoral for mission-critical networks

KEYNET Key Device Security Management

TCC's KEYNET key and device management system for the Cipher X 7100 frame relay encryption system enables key management, configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting of a global network of encryption units from a single location.

KEYNET is scalable as system architectures change or grow. When utilizing KEYNET key management, the security of cryptographic keys is maintained at every point in their life cycle, from key generation through key use and finally key destruction without requiring customer intervention. With KEYNET's automation and user-friendly interface, a network expert is not needed.

Cipher X 7100 Frame Relay Encryption

The Cipher X 7100 is network transparent. Since it only encrypts the data in a frame relay packet, no changes to the network are required. Additionally, it secures data at the frame relay layer so it can also protect SNA, BSC, IP or other protocols encapsulated in frame relay.


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Cipher One

CipherONE® Optimized Network Encryption

Our solutions meet TCC's CipherONE Optimized Network Encryption best-in-class criteria for maximum cryptographic strength, and are optimized for performance and ease of use for our customers.

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