Crypto Management System


Crypto Management System

Secure Network and Voice Command

TCC’s Crypto Management System (CMS) sets configuration and parameter information, and generates and distributes all keying material used by the CSD 3324 SE telephone/fax encryption system, and DSP 9000 and HSE 6000 secure radio encryption family. One CMS can support an unlimited number of encryption devices.


  • Hardware-based security vault with Windows-based simplicity
  • One system centrally configures devices and generates and stores keys
  • Supports an unlimited number of TCC’s CSD 3324 SE, DSP 9000 and HSE 6000 encryption systems
  • Multilayer secret key generation, storage and distribution protection

Phone and Radio Secure Network Management

A single TCC CMS can support an unlimited number of CSD 3324 SE secure phone/fax systems, DSP 9000 radio encryption systems, and HSE 6000 headset radio and telephone encryptors. Networks consisting of thousands of units can be configured with all of the configuration data, interface parameters and cryptographic keys by entering the information once and then loading it into a TCC SmartModule high-capacity secure transport device.

Key Generation/Distribution

The CMS supports random generation of five key types: Security Vault Key Encrypting Key (SKEK), Master Key Encrypting Key (MKEK), Local Keys, Network Key, and System Key.

Secret keys are generated by the CMS hardware-based security vault. The CMS also supports keyboard entry of MKEKs, Local Keys and Network Keys.

MKEKs protect the keys in the SmartModule so that distribution of the SmartModule to the frontlines is secure. SKEKs encrypt the key database for secure data archiving as well as secure electronic key distribution. Keys generated by the CMS’ security vault can be securely archived into an AES 256-bit encrypted key file. Secured key files can be distributed electronically or maintained on optical storage devices such as DVDs or on USB thumb drives.

CMS System

The CMS is a Windows® 7-based system running TCC’s CMS software with TCC AES 256-bit tamper proof 1 RU security vault. Functional selections are made using pull-down menus. Help menus are available to guide the user through the options. Users can select from a fully configured system with software, rack mounted 1RU industrial computer and security vault, or select the software and security vault to be used with their in-house computer.

Crypto Management System Configuration Options

Self-install: CMS Software and Security Vault
  • CMS Windows 7 application
  • AES Security Vault
  • SmartModule 64K and 2K-W
  • Line cord, interface cables
Complete CMS System
  • 1 RU rack mounted industrial computer
  • CMS application pre-installed
  • AES Security Vault preconfigured
  • SmartModule 64K and 2K-W
  • Line cord, interface cables
Products Supported

CSD 3324 SE
DSP 9000 family — base, handset and implant board
HSE 6000

CSD 3324 SE telephone/fax encryption system secures communications for harsh environments with excellent voice quality. It is also compatible with TCC’s DSP 9000 base station secure radio encryptor.

HSE 6000 headset radio encryptor and DSP 9000 military radio encryption family interoperate and work with most radio makes and models.

Cipher One

CipherONE® Optimized Network Encryption

Our solutions meet TCC's CipherONE Optimized Network Encryption best-in-class criteria for maximum cryptographic strength, and are optimized for performance and ease of use for our customers.

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