CryptoPhone® Mobile Phone Security and Encryption

CryptoPhone secure mobile phone and secure desktop IP phone

Secure Mobile Phone Voice and Text Encryption

CryptoPhone mobile phone security and encryption products, including a secure mobile phone and desktop phone, provide military-grade end-to-end encrypted voice and text along with anonymous communications. With 360° security, protect your most sensitive communications from the full range of threats quickly and easily, and from anywhere in the world via GSM, UMTS, LTE or Wi-Fi.

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  • Secure end-to-end encrypted voice and text
  • Anonymous communications
  • Interoperable mobile phone and desktop phone family
  • Hardened Android™ smartphone platform
  • Device security with hardened OS, IP firewall, and Permission Enforcement Agent
  • Global coverage — GSM, UMTS, LTE and Wi-Fi
  • Simple, efficient and reliable to use

Full-Circle Protection: Communications, Device, Storage, Anonymity

Tapping voice and text communications in transit, identifying call parameters, and injecting malicious code into the device are just some of the many threats compromising mobile phone communications. The CryptoPhone secure mobile phone is designed with innovative technology to protect against the full range of threats for trusted security of your most sensitive voice and text communications.

End-to-End Encryption

The CryptoPhone cell phone encryption product provides unlimited worldwide military-grade end-to-end voice and text security. The solution is FIPS 140-2 certified for cryptography and uses AES and Twofish encryption with Diffie-Hellman public key exchange with 4,096 bit very long key lengths. Keys are generated on the device for each call/text and are destroyed at the end of the conversation. The CryptoPhone also provides an encrypted storage system to protect data at rest.

Anonymous and Stealthy

Use CryptoPhone encryption in complete privacy. The CryptoPhone provides Anonymity through a three-tier Anonymity Network Infrastructure between user and phone; phone to phone; and phone to internet. Also, no user or call metadata is generated, collected, or stored. Secure calls and text conversations do not use the network operators' call and SMS services.

The CryptoPhone encrypts all aspects of the communications, including talk, text, contacts, history, notes, and other critical security parameters on your phone.

The CryptoPhone camouflages its communications for stealth traversing through worldwide IP networks; it does not use VoIP or VPN or other protocols associated with streaming voice or encrypted data, thus operating undetectable in areas where these protocols may be tracked and blocked.

Anywhere, Any Way Worldwide

The CryptoPhone encrypted cell phone secures voice calls and text messages globally with GSM, UMTS, and LTE networks. Calls can also be secured via Wi-Fi without using your network provider's data service — no SIM card is required. The CryptoPhone can also operate over various IP links, including satellite, microwave, and IP over radio

Simple, Fast, Reliable

To make a call with the CryptoPhone, simply touch the icon, enter a phone number or select one from your secure contacts. The CryptoPhone will instantly set up a secure encrypted call. The low bandwidth requirement of our encryption (<10K bps) also maximizes throughput despite varying network conditions around the world.

Mobile Phone Device Security

Hardened operating system with secure boot and device runtime integrity checks
Secure Android OS built from source code with granular security management and streamlined, security-optimized components and communication stacks. Seamless secure boot chain featuring secure boot, kernel, recovery, kernel object and APK signature keys. Runtime checks of core applications and services ensure that only signed and trusted code is loaded on the device.

Tamper-resistant, tamper-evident hardware design
Dedicated hardware security modules with CPU supervisor, watchdog timer, on-chip temperature sensor and removal-resistant coating. Shield removal detection circuitry and Environmental Failure Protection (EFP) for temperature, voltage, internal clock frequency, and duty cycle provided by immediate reset circuitry. Supports the highest FIPS 140-2 and Common Criteria security level requirements.

Technical Specifications

CryptoPhone 600G Secure Mobile Phone

  • Hardened Android operating system
  • Supports GSM, UMTS, LTE and Wi-Fi
  • Secure voice and text messages
  • Anonymous communications
  • Selectable hardened operating system security
    levels: Basic, Medium and High
  • IP firewall
  • Permission Enforcement Agent
  • Secure storage: notes, contacts, text messages
  • Fully featured smartphone functions
  • Carrier-independent
CryptoPhone secure mobile phone for encrypted voice and text

CryptoPhone CP20 Secure Desktop Phone

  • Secure voice over IP
  • Anonymous communications
  • Ethernet connection
  • Compatible with the CryptoPhone secure mobile phone
  • Encrypted contacts, hardened OS
  • Speakerphone, LED call indication, programmable secure phonebook,
    redial, mute, ringer and handset volume control
  • Dimensions: 275 x 148/170/190 x 210 mm
CryptoPhone CP20 Desktop telephone

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