KEYNET: Network Security Management


Centralized Key and Device Management

TCC's KEYNET family of network security management systems provides centralized key and device management without the need of a network security expert.

Model Highlights

KEYNET Network Security Manager
- network security management for the Cipher X family
KEYNET Optical Manager
- SONET/SDH network security management
KEYNET 2 Frame Relay
- Cipher X 7100 network security management

KEYNET IP Manager for Secure IP Network Key and Device Management

The advanced KEYNET Network Security Manager centrally and simply configures and manages a global network of TCC's Cipher X family of network security devices. All device configurations including security policies are intuitively managed with a user-friendly interface. Automatic polling of alarms and logs monitor device status. KEYNET, with a hardware-based security vault, also securely generates, stores and distributes middle and high-layer encryption keys to ensure the critical security of the network.

KEYNET Security Management for Fiber Optic Network Encryption

Remotely configure and monitor DSD 72B-SP SONET/SDH encryption devices for SONET/SDH networks for secure communications. The same KEYNET Optical Manager system can manage any combination of DSD 72B-SP(RI), DSD 72B-SP(I), or DSD 72A-SP(STM) SONET/SDH encryption appliances.

The KEYNET Optical Manager remotely manages keys, configures DSD 72B-SP SONET/SDH encryption devices, and monitors these same devices. Using KEYNET, an authenticated, role-based KEYNET operator can perform virtual container link and path reconfiguration, as well as execute DSD 72B-SP SONET/SDH encryption device monitoring and management and maintenance.

All key management and device control messages are secured via AES-256 encrypted and SHA-256 authenticated SNMP messages. These high security messages facilitate remote management while maintaining an optimum level of both access control and message security.

KEYNET Key Device Security Management

TCC's KEYNET key and device management system for the Cipher X 7100 frame relay encryption system enables key management, configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting of a global network of encryption units from a single location.

KEYNET is scalable as system architectures change or grow. When utilizing KEYNET key management, the security of cryptographic keys is maintained at every point in their life cycle, from key generation through key use and finally key destruction without requiring customer intervention. With KEYNET's automation and user-friendly interface, a network expert is not needed.


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